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Please ensure you have registered below when making payment.  Payment must be made in advance.

How to use the Payment Page
Input the amount you wish to donate (£7.00)

Click on 'donate with a Debit or Credit card' (shown above) if you DO NOT have a paypal account and you can make payment securely without registering

If you have a paypal account then you can click on the yellow Donate button. (Please note if you click this and do not have a paypal account it will prompt you to register.

Register and Payment: Donate
Volunteers Serving Food

Register Online!

Please note that you are required to give 2 days notice to order your first box.  Payment will need to be made before collection and further payments will be made at collection.  You can pay online using Paypal or email us to arrange alternative payments.

Registration and Order

Thanks for Registering!

Register and Payment: Contact Us
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